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Are all prices VAT included?
Yes, all the prices on the site are VAT included.
What is the shipping cost?
We have a fixed delivery cost per order, regardless the number of times ordered at once. For Belgium: 5,99€, Netherlands: 8,99€, UK: 14,99€, Germany: 9,99€. We ship worldwide, please check the Shipping Costs button at the top of the page for a full list.

How fast will my products be made?
For birth cards and wedding invitations it can take up to 5 days. For all other products 2 days.

Can I receive a discount when I order multiple birth cards or wedding invitations?
Yes, please send us an email with your specific request.
Can also make the design for a birth cards or wedding invitations?
Yes, you can send your requirements by mail so we can make a quotation. Once accepted our designers will make the card.

I have a promo code, where can I use it?
You can enter your promo code at the bottom of the checkout page. Check the expiration date if the code doesn't get accepted.
How are the puzzles wrapped?
All puzzle piece are wrapped in a plastic sack, after which it gets put in a sturdy, tin case with the photo of the puzzle as an example on top of the box.
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